Sunday, October 28, 2012

aaja sanam madhur chandani mein

Monday, June 18, 2012

Violin Sargam Playing


Sargam playing on violin
Violin is set on G D A E  notes from thick to thin strings. We start from D or second string. It is played D major scale. Notes D,    E,     F#,G  means   Sa.    Re,     Ga,Ma is played on this string. We see that Sa and Re and Ga is situated at whole note differece and Ga and Ma are situated at semitone difference. Third string or A string is played open it will play Pa. The notes played on it are Pa,    Dha,     Ni,Sa.   or A,    B,    C#,D.  As on second string Pa and Dha and Ni is situated at whole note difference and Ni and Sa are situated at semitone difference.

Ma Ga           Re            Sa

Sa  Ni            Dha          Pa


After playing  Simple Sargam Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. One has to practice Palte or Alankar.

SaSa, ReRe, GaGa, MaMa, PaPa, DhaDha, NiNi, SaSa
SaSa, NiNi, DhaDha,PaPa, MaMa, GaGa, ReRe, SaSa,

sarega, regama, gamapa, mapadha, padhani, dhanisa
sanidha, nidhapa, dhapama, pamaga, magare, garesa

saregama, regamapa, gamapadha, mapadhani, padhanisa
sanidhapa, nidhapama, dhapamaga, pamagare, magaresa

saresarega-, regaregama-, gamagamapa-, mapamapadha-, padhapadhani-, dhanidhanisa-,
sanisanidha-, nidhanidhapa-, dhapadhapama-, pamapamaga-, magamagare-, garegaresa-.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sargam playing on violin

We can start sargam on any string of violin but we have to start from D string. It will play as D major scale. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa. Play gently on D string Sa will be played open about one inch distance Re will be found about two inch difference Ga will be found and about two and half inch difference Ma will be found. similarly on A string Pa will be played open Dha after once inch distance Ni after two inch distance and Sa (upper) will be found two and half inch difference. It is a relative measures given to understand easily. for accuracy you may learn more from your local teacher.Or match your sound with some synthesizer's D major scale.

Monday, April 2, 2012

How to tune the violin

You can tune your violin in different ways. With electronic tuner or with the help of your synthesizer. With the help of your synthesizer you can tune your violin. Violin is tuned as standard tuning as "G" "D" "A" "E". This sequence is from thick wire to thin wire of violin

Parts of violin

When someone have violin. One should know its parts name. here is some pictures one can learn it in ease.

Different types of violin

Now a days we can see traditional as well as new look and electric violins. Here are some photographs of violins. See and try to choose one for you.


Violin is a melodious and heart touching instrument. It is played by bow. many people try to play violin because of its sweet voice. One can feel in heaven listening violin. It is called a difficult instrument because of not having any fret, (places indicating a particular note). But when any person have a deep desire to learn he/she picks it up and start playing with bow. He/She will sooner or later catches the secret of its notes places, melody and harmony making. How notes are played. Which is the simple way of playing the violin?. One should check its sound quality while purchasing a violin. Purchase a good quality violin, and start playing with us.